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Tag Archives: Pedestrian Accidents

Fatally injured New York teen went unnoticed by elderly driver

By Kohn Law Firm |

A Bronx driver does not have to be a criminal to be negligent or liable for damages. Criminal and civil courts in New York view cases differently. Criminal courts base charges and convictions on evidence of wrong-doing, while civil courts focus on behavior related to a defendant’s duty to safeguard others while driving. Brooklyn… Read More »

What it means to ‘share the road’ in New York City

By Kohn Law Firm |

In our last post, we discussed the hazards that bicyclists and pedestrians face due to cars and trucks on New York City streets. Unfortunately, however, the dangers of travel in NYC are not limited to roads. Bicyclists and pedestrians share other large public spaces as well, including Central Park. The fact of the matter… Read More »

NYC pedestrians killed by drivers rarely get criminal justice

By Kohn Law Firm |

If you are a pedestrian or bicyclist in New York City, you take your life into your hands each and every time you attempt to travel the city’s streets. This may sound dramatic, but there are statistics to back it up. A bicyclist or pedestrian is killed in a car accident every 48 hours… Read More »

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