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Bronx Whiplash Injury Lawyer

One of the most common types of injuries to car accident victims is whiplash. Whiplash can cause persistent pain and limitations on movement. Despite this fact, car insurance carriers often brush off whiplash injury claims as insignificant, making it difficult for victims to get the money they deserve for their injuries. If you’ve suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident in New York, get help obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injuries by contacting the Bronx whiplash injury lawyers at the Kohn Law Firm for a free evaluation of your case.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is a broad term used to describe injuries to the neck and spine caused when the body is abruptly pulled in different directions. The pain of a whiplash injury typically arises from strains and tears to the muscles or ligaments in the neck and spine. Whiplash injuries can vary in severity. In fact, doctors now use the term “Whiplash-Associated Disorders” to describe the various conditions that can arise from an abrupt acceleration and deceleration of the spine and neck.

In some cases, victims of car accidents who report a whiplash injury may in fact have a torn disc or damage to a joint in the neck or back. This is likelier to be the case if injuries do not improve within six to ten weeks. Some whiplash injuries result in pain that radiates down the arms, chronic headaches, and low back pain. Researchers estimate that between 30% and 50% of all patients reporting a whiplash injury never fully recover from this injury.

Getting compensation for whiplash injuries

Most whiplash injuries are impossible to diagnose through visual inspections or image-based scans. This fact makes it easy for New York insurance companies to ignore whiplash claims or diminish their value. Victims are often made to feel as though they’re exaggerating the pain and immobility they’re experiencing since they can’t point to a broken bone or visible injury that’s causing the pain. These victims often need the help of an aggressive, determined personal injury lawyer if they want to get the compensation they deserve for their pain. The Bronx whiplash injury lawyers at the Kohn Law Firm have fought on behalf of accident victims for decades. We understand how to get the results our clients deserve from greedy insurance companies and will go to bat for you after a crash leaves you with serious and painful injuries. Contact the car accident lawyers at the Kohn Law Firm today for an evaluation of your case after you incur a whiplash injury.

Help is Available for Whiplash Injuries Caused by Serious Car Accidents in the Bronx

For professional, effective, and trial-ready legal help after a New York whiplash injury, contact the Bronx offices of the Kohn Law Firm for a free consultation on your claim at 718-409-1200.

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