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Rear End Collision Attorney in the Bronx

Bronx Lawyer Who Understands Rear-End Collision Claims

Each year, thousands of vehicles are rear-ended in New York. If you have been the victim of a serious rear-end accident in the Bronx area, you can rely on my office, Kohn Law Firm, for experienced representation.

I am rear end collision attorney Kevin Kohn, and for more than three decades I have been protecting the rights of those who were hit from behind by another car.

The Causes Of Rear-End Accidents

There are many negligent behaviors people participate in behind the wheel of their car. Unfortunately, these lead to serious injuries involving rear-end collisions. Some causes include:

  • Texting and driving
  • Eating and driving
  • Changing the radio station
  • Configuring a GPS
  • Applying makeup and driving
  • Following too close or tailgating

Recovering Compensation For Whiplash And Other Injuries

Even an impact at low speeds can cause severe injuries when a car is hit from behind. The energy of the rear car is transferred directly to the unsuspecting passengers in the front car. As your body is thrust forward, your neck snaps backward, causing whiplash and other severe injuries.

No matter what injury you have sustained after your car accident, I can help you recover the full compensation you are entitled to receive to help pay medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

Schedule A Consultation With A Bronx Attorney Regarding Your Rear-End Collision

Put me in your corner after your car accident. I am a skilled rear end collision attorney who grew up in the Bronx and knows how to fight to protect my clients’ rights. Contact my firm online to schedule a confidential consultation regarding your options today, or call 718-409-1200.

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