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Bronx Brain Injury Lawyer

No single organ has as great of an impact on our mental and physical well-being as does the brain. An injury to the brain can be small in size but still have a debilitating and life-altering impact on the victim. Brain injuries are often the result of devastating accidents, many of which could have been prevented with basic care and reasonable behavior by the person who caused the accident.

Victims of brain injuries may have a right to money damages resulting from their trauma. If you’ve been hurt in a brain injury accident in New York, find out if you have a right to collect money damages through a claim or lawsuit by contacting the experienced Bronx brain injury lawyers at the Kohn Law Firm.

What are some common causes of brain injuries?

As fragile as the brain may be, brain injuries are relatively uncommon. The brain is well-protected by the skull and fluid surrounding it, and only when victims experience serious trauma will the brain become injured. Some of the most common causes of brain injuries are:

  • Car accidents: A car crash can be extremely violent and abrupt, with the potential to cause different forms of brain injury depending on the severity of the crash.

  • Motorcycle accidents: Even cautious motorcycle riders who wear a helmet whenever they ride can suffer a brain injury in a serious crash.

  • Falls: Victims who suffer a fall, whether due to faulty workplace equipment, dangerous scaffolding, or hidden tripping hazards, can incur serious brain damage should their head make contact with a hard surface.

  • Assault: Getting punched or slammed against a wall or on the ground can cause serious harm to the brain, in addition to the emotional trauma caused by a violent assault.

Brain injuries can come with long-term costs

Unlike broken bones or lacerations, brain injuries can cause changes to the core of a victim’s personality. Brain damage can bring mood swings, loss of memory, irritability, and loss of the ability to communicate. Additionally, some victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI) will experience loss of mobility, either permanently or long-term, that makes it difficult to return to work, or even to perform basic personal care tasks without help. TBI sufferers and their families may face costs from:

  • Long-term rehabilitation
  • In-home skilled nursing
  • Lost work, both by the victim and family members who miss work while caring for their loved one
  • Medical equipment
  • Alterations to the home to make it accessible after a loss of mobility

Getting the money you and your family need to cover these costs isn’t easy. It often takes the help of a dedicated and effective personal injury attorney to compel insurers or negligent defendants to pay what they owe after an injury accident. The seasoned New York injury accident lawyers at the Kohn Law Firm have been fighting for victims of TBI for decades and know how to get results for victims after a brain injury. Contact our offices in the Bronx today for a no-cost consultation after an accident.

Get Experienced and Effective Legal Help after a Brain Injury Accident in the Bronx

For effective and aggressive legal help after a New York accident results in a brain injury, contact the Bronx offices of the Kohn Law Firm for an evaluation of your case at 718-409-1200.

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